Join hands in source segregation in to Dry & Wet

How does it help a city like Visakhapatnam?

a) Make us see local environment is clean

b) Waste is wealth (reuse, re-purpose & recycle)

c) Less burden on municipality so that public money is saved

d) Segregation will make us sensitive to the waste and over consumption

e) Segregation creates livelihood for many

f) Reduce the transportation in huge trucks and avoid extra fuel for logistics

g) Brings us the best rank as the Swachh Sarvekshan 2021 concentrates on ‘Segregate, Segregate, Segregate.’

Could you motivate your house, apartment or company to register for dry waste collection service. Good news is that most of our service activities are free of cost.

Disposal Service Charge
Unpicked Plastics FREE
Packaging Material  FREE
Cotton Clothes  FREE
E-waste without PCBs  FREE
Glass Bottle or Broken Glass FREE
Cloth Waste / Pair  4.00
Foot Wear  / Pair  10.00
E-waste made of PCBs  50.00
Bed made of sponge  400.00
Bed made with cotton / coco peat 200.00
Debris Disposal / Ton 1000.00
Garbage Handling / 2 Tons 1000.00

Click on the link for get registered